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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Maintaining Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

maintaining gratitude in addiction recoveryMost of us have played the children’s game, “I Spy,” either as children or to entertain little ones. The game has helped many families pass hours during long road trips, and the adult version of this game might be played by “spying opportunities” for gratitude. Being thankful is a helpful practice at all phases of your addiction recovery program. 

The Power of Gratitude
Gratitude has a powerful impact on one’s mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual health. Having a thankful heart keeps you focused on the positive, keeps your hopes up, and keeps you moving forward. It is easy to be thankful when life is good, but it becomes more essential to be thankful during dark times and struggles. While gratitude can fill your heart with contentment, ingratitude steals life’s joy. Ungratefulness leads to comparison, envy, discontentment, and bitterness. As you are learning during your drug or alcohol rehabilitation, life is too precious to give away your joy.

If it is difficult to think of something for which to be grateful, start small. “I am thankful for a tiny patch of sunlight streaming through my window. It brings cheer and warmth.” Or, “I am glad to be drinking my morning coffee.” Throw on a pair of shoes or bundle up with winter boots and take a walk around the neighborhood. Find gratitude in the beautiful shape of an icicle hanging from the mailbox, a tiny spring flower breaking through the earth, or a bird singing its evening song. Count both the small and large things as blessings, because you can always find something to appreciate.

Embrace gratitude as we approach spring: finding joy in the beauty around you, the support and love of friends and family, the strength of your will to live, the encouragement of a sponsor, and the new day that brings hope and a fresh start.

Be determined to be grateful. It is life changing! 

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