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Monday, November 20, 2017

Holistic Drug Treatment - A Recent Trend Towards a New Way of Thinking in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit With Holistic Drug Rehab

A recent trend towards Holistic Drug Rehabilitation therapy is the result of several factors: First, treatment plans should be custom tailored rather than a 1 size fits all model. Second, The use of music in holistic drug rehab, increases enjoyment and happiness, enabling us to think more critically and express ourselves through the use words to solve our problems, rather than turning to drugs. Third, The use of exercise and nutrition in fighting drugs includes a well balanced diet and weekly exercise routines. The fourth element in treating Drug Addiction the Holistic method, is through Meditation and relaxation; we do this by re-training ourselves to turn to a better, more spiritual manner when dealing with stress and conflict than turning to drugs.

We are all unique and have our own individual problems

In a recent journal published in Frontiers of Psychiatry researchers state, “Because all people have their own personal and environmental factors, treatment plans should be made custom tailored to the individual to ensure that all aspects of recovery are met. Important things to consider with Holistic Drug Rehab are peer networks, employment conditions, family relationships, and physical and mental health issues”. In order to be able to touch every aspect of a person's life to work towards an ultimate healing process, "it is necessary to utilize a holistic drug treatment approach to ensure that people are meeting their physical and mental health needs in every way possible." 

Healing the Mind With Art, and Music Therapy

Holistic Drug Treatment incorporates art and music therapy. According to an article published in the Drug and Alcohol Review, “ Music Therapy for substance abuse increases enjoyment, attendance, and engagement during group sessions”. Similarly, The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy states that, “The benefits of art therapy treatment for people with substance use disorders and addictions are numerous and important, and include bypassing resistance, finding a creative outlet for the expression of difficult feelings, and finding deeper understanding of creative and spiritual meaning of the addiction and of life.” Therefore, utilizing Art and Music Therapy is an effective way for people in recovery to become involved, and engaged in their treatment. In addition to that it aids in becoming resistant to substance abuse, addressing underlying issues, and providing recovery in its entirety.

Healing the Body Through Exercise, and Nutritional Counseling

If physical health is an aspect of recovery that an individual is seeking to work on Holistic Drug Rehab incorporate that into your treatment plan, and in fact recommend it. According to an article published by the Huffington Post, “ exercise benefits mental health by reducing stress, boosting happy chemicals, improving self confidence, enjoying the outdoors, prevent cognitive decline, reduce Anxiety, Boost brain power, sharpen memory, control addiction, increase relaxation”. Utilizing such things as outdoor programs, and exercise improve mental well being in a number of ways that increase the potential for making the recovery process and enjoyable experience, and one that sustains itself over time. In addition to that nutritional counseling also has numerous benefits for the recovering addict. By eating healthy, and learning what types of foods and diets are most beneficial for yourself, you are able to keep your physical needs met through diet which produces physical strength for the healing process.

Healing the Spirit Through Meditation, and Relaxation

Another important part of Holistic Drug Rehab is the incorporation of Mediation and Relaxation into the treatment regimen. According to Livescience, “ Mindfulness Meditation elements of recovery work to prevent relapse by making people aware of what happens during their cravings”. Maintaining recovery after treatment is important for success in your life. By participating in Holistic Drug Treatment you are gaining the skills to become aware of your surroundings, which in turn brings awareness to your internal state allowing for you to create your own balance, and avoid relapse. In addition to that avoiding relapse and the negative effects associated with triggers for your substance of choice can be stressful. That is why it is crucial to learn relaxation techniques that you can take with you, and utilize at any point during your recovery.

Treating the Entire Addiction

By healing different aspects of yourself you are able to become physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger which provides a stable foundation for the road to recovery. Often times people end up getting out of treatment and relapsing only after a short period of time. Holistic drug rehabs provides an extra edge that improves personal resistance to relapse, strengthens the body, enhances motivation, allows for the release of emotional buildup that has been manifesting in substance abuse, and brings inner peace to the individual.

Get Holistic Treatment Today

We serve a diverse population of clients who come throughout the U.S. with a wide variety of needs. We work with you to ensure that you get matched with the treatment that best suits your needs. That way you are successful during the treatment process, and during your recovery. We offer a variety of different holistic treatment options such as Acupuncture, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Exercise, Nutritional Counseling, Yoga, Meditation, Tai chi, Reiki, and several outdoor programs. In addition to that we offer mind, body and spiritual healing to bring back balance for those seeking complete recovery from drugs or alcohol.

Holistic Drug Treatment is an approach that provides all the basic skills and tools for recovering addicts, while bringing balance back to life. It is imperative if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction you need to seek help immediately.

There are a variety of treatment options available

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